Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sowing Royal Oats

Sumitted by an "I Liked Your Profile" Reader:

"I have come back home from working these past few nights to look at your face. You might call me shallow, I am a gardener, I get energized by this weather and I become rather intense this time of year, forgive me. I have always found myself attracted to women with dark eyes and long hair and you have been easy on mine.

Besides that, you must have a lot of energy yourself with all of those things you want to do, have done and are going for...I am enjoying your active lifestyle by just reading it...what have you been doing for fun lately what havent you done that you'd like to do in the immediate future but havent?"

By the way, here's a site for Single Gardeners - Legitimate Online Dating for Gardening Enthusiasts . Yes, there is an online dating site for just about any enthusiast out there.
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Blogger William Levin said...

Be safe, ladies, these gardners have been with a lot of hoes.

2:06 PM  

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