Monday, February 13, 2006

Leaf Love

Submitted by an "I Liked Your Profile" reader:
"Towards the Question
Part 1

Adapted from something I read many years ago, I want to tell you a story towards the question.

He first noticed her across the branches of leaflets. She glowed in the fresh morning sunlight. Sparkling more than the glistening feathers of a bird in flight. Flashing in diamond like brilliance, she sparkled with the dew in radiant diamond splendor. Even among the few, she excelled. Yet, in herself she was not any different from the other leaflets. You could bet and lose, for to him, he knew in his heart, not by the mythological dart of cupid, but by One so much higher, there could be no other. Just to think of cupid is so stupid.

Helped by the breeze, he gave her a hesitant wave as only masculine leaves can do. She became so coy. Naturally to his heart's joy, now feeling much more than a boy. She blushed a deeper green, being human she'd be all pink. Isn't that what you'd think?

Could she have the same regard for him? Or must he be on his guard?

Now for the sake of brevity, I can't go on. Not in this letter to you. But if you're just slightly intrigued and not fatigued by my verbosity (which would be such a pity), just for you I could continue.., hoping you could be..

Aahh, but that would be giving the game away, which would be such a shame. Might tame your heart a touch too soon, your feelings rising too quick, to give me the blunt end of a stick. I'd sure feel a great buffoon. So one step at a time, our hearts might just come in line. First, with a little thirst, you'd have to request Part Two, and who knows, we might even go for a walk in the zoo."
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Blogger stephanie said...


i took me three times b4 i could even finish and comprehend that drivel...

and i'm still not sure i comprehended :)

12:39 PM  
Blogger Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

it was probably from an older gentleman who put a few hours into it-younger guys want it all fast
one of my friends wrote an add as a used car advertisement and it was great
used Ford with shaky engine which needs fine tuning etc..needs female mechanic who is willing to take me fro a drive

6:21 AM  

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