Thursday, August 16, 2007

Out-of-Towner Bootie Call

An obvious template email I recently received from an out-of-towner:
"Subject: This weekend

Hi there in NYC,

Greetings from Chicago. No, I’m not obsessing from a distance or looking forward to a big move to your fair city.

I am, however, visiting NY on business this weekend. Which will keep me busy for the vast majority of my time, but I do not have anything planned from Sunday night until my Monday night flight back to the safe confines of the Midwest.

And yes, dear reader, that is where you become part of my not so nefarious plans. I know next to nobody in the city, and the city herself and I have only had the most fleeting of engagements. So, I thought, were you not busy and were you so inclined, that we could hang out, doing something fun, have a memorable discussion, eat a wonderful meal and so on and so forth. No, as attractive as you are, I am not setting a crash course to get into your pants. Although I am never opposed to making out, should the mood strike. But that, at least on paper, is as dangerous as I get.

So, yeah, it is a bit of a crazy proposition. But I am really interesting, I promise. And nice, and funny, and laidback. You just might like me.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

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Blogger londongirl said...

I've had similar approaches to this - you have to admire their initiative, but I wonder just how many girls they have to email before one says yes.

12:02 AM  

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