Monday, June 11, 2007

Weight a Minute

Submitted by Sexagenarian and the City, who wrote the following:

Background: the 'weight' category in my profile info accidentally got shifted from 116 to 152. It was worth the error to get this wonderful message from a man (age 66) with whom I was corresponding:
"Uncomfortable going there, but wonder if there was a missprint in the defining of your physical makeup and likes. While I consider 5'3 petite in height, the weight of 152 does not seem to be consistent with petite. As you also can see, I run and work out EVERY day, and shape is most important to me. Yet I appreciate your candor, and do not feel I am shortsighted in stating the importance of physical activity in my life. Yet I love a great meal as does the next, and in fact must admit I work out so much so I can eat what I want without putting on a pound or two. If you arestill not uncomfortable with these caveats, then you still sound like a lovely person. I just do not want to be accused of being narrow in my preferences."
visit Sexagenarian and the City to see how this 'relationship'played out...not happily! but amusingly.
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Blogger Dee said...

Your blog has just made it into the resource list of my upcoming book

Gonna add it to my blogroll as well.

I love it... cracking up!


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