Monday, February 27, 2006

Kitten Smitten

Submitted by an "I Liked Your Profile" reader:

I liked your profile. (hmm, great name for a blog, eh?)

I liked that you like meaningful conversation, I am
looking to meet someone like this. I like movies and Sushi.

I just moved to NYC.

I am also very communicative and like to tell jokes!

My Screen Name is XXX

If you like I can E-mail a photograph.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please
acknowedge this E-mail.

I thought you would like the joke below joke -tell me
what you think


"On her front porch, an old lady was sitting with
her cat. Suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared and
told her that, because of the good life she had
led,she had been granted three wishes.....

"In that case," said the old lady, "I want to be
a young princess."

Immediately, POOF!, she is a beautiful young woman.

And your second wish?" said the fairy

The young woman thought for a moment and said,
"I should like to be very rich."
Immediately, POOF!, the rocking chair became
solid gold.

"What is your third wish?"
asked the fairy godmother.

The old lady turns to her cat and states

"Can you turn him into a handsome prince, who is
madly in love with me?"

POOF! and there stands a magnificent example of manhood, dressed in finery. The young Woman is shaken with passion. With a smile,the Prince crosses the porch,takes her into his arms and wispers into her ear,"I Bet you're sorry you had me neutered!"
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