Monday, May 22, 2006

Lucky Duck. Not.

One of my very own:
Message #1:

"Any luck on here yet?" :) Jessy


"this is rather funny, since I think i've received this same message from you 15 times in a few months. i really don't know how to answer your question, since I'm still on here.- EMS"

Message #2

"Maybe we could talk on the phone sometime?- Jessy"

Apparently, he didn't get the sarcasm, and went straight for the kill.

On a different note, I Liked Your Profile will only go so far as the amount of email submissions from its readers. If you have any funny dating emails (and if you're a man who received something funny from a woman, ILYP could really use a change of pace), please dig 'em up and fork 'em over. You know who you are. Otherwise, this blog will cease to exist soon. Onward and upward, daters.
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