Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Tragically Romantic One

Submitted by an "I Liked Your Profile" reader:

"i think i knew it was her from the start. i was talking with my new boss, i just started the job that day, when she walked by. her hair was up except for those few little strands that hung down. maybe her smile, the way she tilted her head or just how her eyes met mine. i could feel my heart. i think the blood swelled up my eardrums because i wasnt listening to a word my boss said. all i was trying to do was figure out what the attraction was. she wasnt a 6' blonde with huge breasts that one might gawk at. she was her. not trying to prove anything -- safe with who she was. as the weeks went by i admired her -- still trying to figure out what the attraction is.... i tried so many times to get close to her. start some sort of conversation, but as i drew close my nerves took over. though considered by most to be attractive -- i did not feel that way around her. all i really wanted was to know about her..... like what makes her happy? even sad? what her favorite ice-cream flavor was or just if she likes sushi. has she ever had thai food? if she were to travel where would she love to go? i wanted to know if she combs her hair before she lays to sleep or takes baths to calm herself? wanted to know what her laughs were like... what her cries were like.... does she remember to place the napkin on her lap or does seeing someone else do it remind her of it? can she just jump into a pair of sweats and run out or does she have to be prep-ed every time.......

i guess i wanted to know about her....

jonathan "
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Blogger Grins said...

Not sure how I had ever missed your blog before. Found you via JDaters Anonymous (I'm not one but we write about some of the same things on occasion) and I've now blogrolled you. I'll be back!

3:42 PM  

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