Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Sincere Offering

Submitted by a fellow blogger, who said that she received this email sent to her Nerve profile last December during the NYC transit strike:

Sender: [redacted]
To: [Constant Dater's profile]
"ok, so i leave for costa rica early tomorrow morning but i've never learned how to pack properly. i know this might sound insane but how would you like to come over to my loft and help me pack while i'll cook an amazing dinner, share a great bottle of wine and you can make fun of my terrible haircut all you want. i totally realize how unreasonable and forward this offer is, specially given the strike, but on the other hand it's sincere and has all the makings of a unexpectedly great thursday night."
Sender: [Constant Dater's profile]
To: [redacted]
"What a bizarre come-on. Requests like yours are what Craigslist Casual Encounters is for. All the same, good luck with your quest for fast-packing pussy."
Sender: [redacted]
To: [Constant Dater's profile]
"may i suggest you try on different lenses, the ones you've got on now seem awfully jaded.

no need to reply."
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